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On The Jobs Act for Startups…

Changes in Jobs Act – Summary for StartUps Note: We are not lawyers, this is not legal advice.  Please consult your lawyer for details The revised JOBSACT will change the regulations for solicitation of funding.  Most of us know this

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Is Page Rank Important.. SEO takes an Insider

SEO requires insider knowledge of markets, customer language, industry structure, jargon and regional differences. This article was posted bye SEO book, recommending that companies not completely outsource their SEO. This is so important, SEO requires insider knowledge of markets, customer

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The Jobs Act- The Hidden Grenade for Angel Investing

The Jobs Act- Unexpected Rules Proposed in addition to General Solicitation Written for the Seattle Angel Conference. We billed it as “The JOBS Act Consequences, New Rules for Angel Investors.”  It could just have validly been called, “The Hidden Grenade

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Win at Search Engine Marketing without Getting Scammed

Radio Interview with Katherine Cleland According to Katherine Cleland of Cleland Marketing, search has made it a lot more difficult to market a small, local business. Luckily, we had her in the studio to give us her rundown of what
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