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B2B Search Engine Optimization

Thru my work at the Brink SBDC, I was matched with Scott, at MakeSafe Tools, and I worked with him on Digital and Tradeshow Marketing Go to Market activities to grow his emerging business.  He was in a very unique position, with few competitors for a valuable industrial market, but his customers weren’t finding him, even when they searched. We worked on two SEO 1:1 Training sessions, researched and chose a set of keywords.  Scott took Ms. Cleland’s SEO checklist, and worked his way thru it over two months, with the help of a tool to track progress, and moved to the first page of results for many of his top keywords.

Proud to say, I am the advisor that turned Scott on to WooRank. For DIY SEO, if its going to be a key part of your digital marketing strategy, investing in some tools makes good sense. I generally recommend MOZ, but in this case, WooRank was a better match.

B2B Search Engine Optimization


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February 11, 2021