This Generic Brand Commercial is remarkable in its insipidness. 

It says nothing about nothing.  So perfect, so True to life.


i have had way too many creative conversations that are embodied in this execution… (did I really just say embodied in this execution?)

From a stock footage company..

So what makes for good brand messaging?  Thats been on my mind lately with two projects, one a re-brand for a software client, and the other the first video ever for a long time client.

The common thread behind what will work for each of these clients is an indepth understanding of the customer, and what they want from our clients solution.  Note how I didn’t say “product”, nor did I say anything about the client. The message is all about the customer.  How will the customer benefit from this solution. It seems so simple, but asking that question literally turned the conversation and focus around, both in the client meeting, and in the meeting with our creative team.


How will the customer benefit from this solution?

Ask it yourself at any meeting you have about messaging or product development.  You’ll see how it transforms the focus.

Marketing is all about the customer.

Not “we”, “our”, “the product” but “them,” “their (his/her)” and “the solution”


try it. You will feel the power shift, and see the transformation.