Google announced last week it will be sunsetting the ability to add modifiers (+) to broad match keywords to make way for the expansion of Phrase Match. Starting July 2021, you will no longer be able to create new broad keywords with modifiers (+) in the string.

It’s the end of an era for Google and search marketers! 

Phrase match will expand to include additional “broad match” modifier traffic and support for broad match modifier will end. The changes will start rolling out in two weeks.

This will significantly dampen the search marketers ability to limit phrase match, and will give Google, once again, more power to show your ads to un-necessary people for unrelated phrases, eating up valuable budget for small clients.

“Simplifying match types

Today, you’re able to reach people with the following keyword match types:

  • Exact match for precision
  • Broad match for reach
  • Phrase match and broad match modifier for a balance of both

To give you more control and better reach, we’re bringing the best of broad match modifier into phrase match. As a result, phrase match will expand to cover additional broad match modifier traffic, while continuing to respect word order when it’s important to the meaning. This makes it easier to reach customers and manage keywords in your account.