79a76d8f83e6bd1e3d40222e2cee258eWhat a great subcontractor does is invaluable.

They do more than a task.  They should  expand your team with professional knowledge, experience.  The best sub-contractors aren’t the lowest cost ones, they are the one’s who have “been there, done that”.  They have made the mistakes, learned from them, and can benchmark their activities from the breadth of clients they’ve served. Look for sub-contractors that are professional, Know their market niche, and have experience. 

Use Subcontractors to Elevate your Marketing, not cut costs

Use them to elevate your marketing activities through specialization, not necessessarily cut your marketing costs.  I’ve seen too many clients go for the lowest cost subcontractor, and get a terrible result, only to alienate their own customers, and have to rework the entire solution anyway.  I’m speaking from experience here. I’m working with a client who has chosen the lowest cost sub-contractor, but has asked me to work with this person. I am spending twice as much time on the project, and the sub-contractor is having to rework their poor first pass work, because they didn’t know enough to even ask the question about how to frame the project. Net- Net, the client is spending more money, and not getting the best result.  What a loss. We’ll have this discussion when the project is over, so it won’t be repeated.  Lesson Learned.  Get the best subcontractors you can find, and use them to elevate your marketing.